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About Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui ?

The literal translation of Feng Shui is: Feng = Wind, Shui = Water

In fact, Feng Shui is the environment, your living environment, mentality environment is all called Feng Shui.

Good Feng Shui will create Qi (炁), which gives you good energy and makes you feel happy and positive.

Bad Feng Shui creates Sha(煞), which drains your energy. You will feel negative, with negative energy.

Feng Shui master can judge the impact on the people , by the location, shape, and time of their living space . By Adjusting the position , style, color of the furniture,  increasing or decreasing some objects to adjust Feng Shui, to solve your Sha, improve your Qi, so as to achieve the balance of Yin (阴)and Yang (阳), improve the quality of your life.

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When Feng Shui is needed?

一. When you plan to buy or rent a property 

二. When you plan to open a shop or company

三. After relocating , or when the following situation suddenly occurs :


1. Sleeping problems, always insomnia
2. Health problems
3. Job insecurity
4. Corporate performance is poor
5. Financial problems often arise
6. Frequent negative emotions and tiredness
7. Emotions can't be controlled
8. Marital conflicts and strains
9. Parent-child relationship tension 
10. Kids poor behaving at school
11. Accidental injuries, such as car accidents, falls, fires, etc
12. Can not find a spouse (partner)
13. Both partners are healthy but can't get pregnant

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