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Inspection Fees:
500 AED

Adjustment Fees:

Apartment: 5000 AED

Office:  6000 AED

Shop:8000 AED

Villa:  10000 AED (Up to three bedrooms, additional cost for further inquiries.)



Give you positive energy, helps on your health, wealth, marriage, etc.


1. Contact us to schedule the date and time

2. Prepare floor plan (layout) of the property while inspect

3. The Feng Shui master will verify the impact on the residents after the inspection


4. Confirm the adjust plan 

5. Settle the payment

6. Offer solutions


How to know whether a Feng Shui master is qualified?

Ask the Feng Shui Master to check the property and see if he can tell what is bothering the people who is living in.



Please note:

1. All Feng Shui items which may needed in the process of Feng Shui adjustment are not included,  customers may need to buy separately, like green plants , crystal decorations, fish tank & fishes, etc.

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