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About Master Hang

Form China

The 31st generation of Zhengyi Taoist

Feng Shui Consultant of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faisal Al Qasim Office

Shaolin Kung Fu 7th Dan Black Belt.

Chinese Martial Art International level coaching degree.

Founder of Shaolin Kung Fu Training Club 

Vice President of Chinese Culture And Education Association In UAE 

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​Master Hang with Donnie Yen

​Master Hang with Yuan Heping

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Hello everyone, I'm Master Hang from China.

I'm glad to share my story with you about Feng Shui.

I am a Chinese martial arts international-level coach with the 7th Dan black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu. I have been promoting Chinese culture in UAE for 13 years, mainly teaching Chinese traditional kung fu and Tai Chi. The trainees are multi-nationalities,  even some members of Dubai, Sharjah and ABU Dhabi royal family .

Kung Fu can help to build your body, self-defense, develop the focus, discipline, and give confidence and courage.

Tai Chi requires unity of body and mind, coordinate the movement, breathing and spirit to balance Yin and Yang, smooth your flow of Qi and blood , improve the self-immune system and self-repair system.


After years of teaching and practicing, i discovered an interesting thing: Actually we are easily influenced by the outside world for example, the magnetic field generated by the movement of celestial bodies , which will directly affect the energy of human bodies, thus directly affecting human emotions, just like the full moon and waxing moon.

Emotion directly affects attitude, and attitude determines the result.


Celestial motion - Magnetic field - People - Mood - Attitude - Results


You may have experienced,  in the same situation , when energized (positive energy),  you feel like you can do everything, when depressed (negative energy), you don't want to do anything, you have negative emotions.


Of course Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, meditation and other exercises can help, but it takes years of practice to reach a certain level of immunity to attack of negative energy. 

After all, we can't practice 24 hours a day.


As we all know, eating well and sleeping well will give you good energy, that's why we need a good living environment.  we spend about one third of our time at home every day, so good Feng Shui can improve the energy and change your life.

That's why I became interested in Feng Shui, and I was very fortunate to find an authentic Chinese Feng Shui master to study it.

Feng Shui originated from China and has many similarities with Tai Chi, one is Qi in the body, the other is Qi in the house. 


I am honored to help you through Feng Shui .

​Master Hang learns from 94 years old Taoist priest