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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Feng Shui?

A good environment which gives you positive energy, helps on your health, wealth, marriage, etc.

2. What is good Feng Shui?

There is no absolute perfect Feng Shui, because the cosmic magnetic field is constantly changing.
So, as long as there won't be anything bad happen, we call it good fengshui, like no accidents or diseases happening, domestic peace.

3. How much of different that can Feng Shui play?

40%. Feng Shui just corrects your trajectory, but you're still aiming and shooting yourself.

4. Can Feng Shui improve wealth?

You can increase your wealth by adjusting your energy, so how much can you increase is depends.
Like giving you a fancy car,  your ability depends if you may drive it safely and fast.

5. Can Feng Shui improve health?

By adjusting Feng Shui, diseases can be prevented and improved, which can assist medical treatment, but not as a substitute.

6. Can Feng Shui improve marriage/family relationships?

Let's say , you love each other but jut can't control your emotions, Feng Shui adjustment can improve the relationship between husband and wife, parents and children.

7. Can Feng Shui help on love?

If you are single, adjust Feng Shui can help you find the right person.

8. Can Feng Shui help on pregnant ?

Some couples are both healthy, but just can't get pregnant, because of the wrong time and space, through Feng Shui adjustment, the odds of pregnancy will be improved .

9. How long will the adjustment be effective?

Usually within 1 month.
Insomnia, mental aspects, takes around 7days

10. Is there any time limitation?

Only when relocating , or big changes on the surrounding environment , such as road construction, new buildings.

11. How to know whether a Feng Shui master is qualified?

Ask the Feng Shui Master to check the property and see if he can tell what is bothering the people who is living in.

12. What preparations should be made before a Feng Shui master comes?

Clean the house and prepare the layout plan.
If there is no layout plan, the inspection may not be able to cover all .

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